Alexia de Visscher

un site-plateforme

  • le BACK END: Aggrégation des contenus, activités multiples provenant de différentes sources, les sites sattelites. Propose un reflet plutôt qu'impose des contenus
  • Multiplicity both in the BACK END: aggregating activities from multiple sources and thus reflect rather than impose the activities of the school see: (login: user: admin , password: password)
  • Multiplicity in FRONT END: multiple interfaces that each reflect a specific interest / aspect of data . The different interfaces then complement each other as a single interface need not please all people or represent every possible viewer or interest.
  • Website as a platform: It is the "mise en place" of materials to then base future cooking!


=== Embracing a distributed web ===

  • Wordpress (generates RSS + ical (with event plugin) ) ... new blogs can be added to to support more courses.
  • Tumblr is also an easy platform which generates RSS feeds
  • SPIP sites also automatically generate RSS feeds (typically via ?page=backend)
  • Mediawiki (generates an RSS feed of recent changes)
  • Vimeo (generates RSS for account or channel)

And a specially designed connections with: * Mixcloud (used by the Ergote radio)

=== What about Facebook?! ===

We are not (yet) trying to incorporate Facebook. As a service, Facebook offers no publically accessible feeds / outputs apart from building apps using their API (which means agreeing to their legal terms and then writing code that's specific to exclusively facebook). At this poin, we have purposefully decided to embrace websites and platforms using (libre) standards that encourage distributed data (e.g. RSS). Eventually it could be a subject for a future workshops to consider scraping data from facebook (working outside of the API), or to consider agreeing to the terms of using the API.

[[ Workshop Juillet 2017 ]]

== Logiciels & Outils ==

  • [[Tiny Tiny RSS]]
  • [ SVG]
  • [ RSS]